The 8 Things You Should Know About Emsculpt

The 8 Things You Should Know About Emsculpt
Fat lumps can make you self-conscious, and it can be quite frustrating when trying to remove them. You can manage your proper diet and exercise to keep them in check or reduce them, but sometimes, they aren’t effective. If all good habits fail you, perhaps you should consider a cosmetic treatment called Emscuplt. 

Why Proper Diet And Exercise May Not Be Enough

Many assume that proper diet and exercise are the surest way to achieve a fit profile body. That is a fact, but on rare occasions, our bodies can’t be molded into shape no matter what we do; the most prominent example of this is fat bulges. Recent research suggests that genetic factors play a significant role in forming fat bulges. Genetics is also one of the main reasons that even though they are physically fit, they still experience double chins. You can opt for surgical options to remove these fat bulges, but they can be quite a hassle, and aftercare is complex. Fortunately, you can address these fat bulges using a non-invasive technology called Emsculpt. If you’ve decided to use Emsculpt, there are some things you should know about it first. Here are eight things you should know about Emsculpt. 

1.) What Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a by-product of modern research that aims to handle the need to address fat lumps without resorting to invasive processes like surgical procedures. This treatment is not the first non-invasive option, but it is one of the most effective body contouring treatments. The treatment burns away the fat and builds your muscles simultaneously; what more could you ask for? The procedure aims to build a more aesthetically pleasing body contour by reducing excess fat lumps in specific areas and enhancing muscle mass. It enhances the patient’s physical physique, making them stunning and giving them a boost in confidence. Previously, the only option you had were abdominoplasty, thigh lift (thigh lift surgery), and liposuction. Surgical procedures are still effective in their own right, but they cannot build muscle mass; they just remove fat. So forget all about the other cosmetic and surgical procedures because this is a two-in-one treat. 

2.) How Does It Work?

Emsculpt is a cutting-edge approach that sculpts your body and eliminates fat lumps. The science and technology behind the treatment is the reason for its peculiar name, E and M, and then sculpt. Its first two letters, E and M, stand for electromagnetic energy; this energy is the one that will sculpt your body. 

Electromagnetic Energy 

Electromagnetic energy is a frequent buzzword in many sci-fi shows or movies, but its application goes beyond the scope of sci-fi. Through the electromagnetic energy, the provider will contract your muscles. But not in a weird way that you will experience sudden or irregular jerks and movements.What this procedure does is contract your muscles more than your body can do. When electromagnetic energy is applied to your body through specific methods in specific areas, your muscles perform movements called super maximal contractions. 

3.) How Your Body Adapts

Super maximal contractions, as the name suggests, are extreme muscle movements similar to high-intensity workouts. The Emsculpt device induces muscle contractions that aren’t achievable through natural means of the human body. You have no means of emulating super maximal contractions. The contractions are so high-intense that it’s like doing 20,000 crunches and 20,000 squats in 25-30 minutes! Due to these extreme conditions, the fat melts, and the muscle changes. The extreme conditions induced by Emsculpt are likened to a month’s worth of high-intensity work compressed into a 25-30 minute treatment. Naturally, there is no your muscles will come out unscathed. Your body will burn the fat and then build the muscles after a high-intensity contraction. 

4.) Are There Any Risks?

The procedure is safe and is FDA-approved. The process involves placing some paddles into targeted areas for 25-30 minutes. The paddles are then removed, and the session is complete! No scalpels, injections, and it’s as simple as that. Patients have commented that they feel a pulling sensation but nothing more. While it is a super maximal contraction, there is no harm done to your body, and your provider has complete control of the situation. They can freely adjust the intensity depending on your needs. 

5.) Is There Any Recovery?

Since there is no pain or invasive procedures, Emsculpt will have recovery downtime. It is an excellent option if you want your daily schedule to stay uninterrupted. However, since Emsculpt is likened to a workout compressed to a 25-30 minute session, expect soreness similar after a workout session. While the muscle contractions are extreme, the soreness is just like any soreness after a workout. 

6.) No Preparations Needed

You can visit our clinic anytime you want without prior preparations needed. There is no need for special numbing creams, diets, or physical practices before undergoing the procedure. Show up during the appointment as you are, and we will work with you. However, if you have a high body to fat percentage, are pregnant, or are a nursing mother, this treatment isn’t recommended. Likewise, those with a history of muscle complications and pacemakers are also ineligible. 

7.) Not A Weight Loss Procedure

Emsculpt does help lose fat and build muscles, but this is not a weight-loss procedure. If you have a high body to fat percentage, the treatment won’t do any good. Even if you try it out, it won’t help you lose weight. What Emsculpt does is enhances the existing fit body form. You need to have a manageable, healthy weight, and then enhancing the muscles and removing the fat is essentially “putting the icing on the cake.” 

8.) When Will You See The Results?

You start noticing some changes in your body days after the treatment. Your muscle mass grows for the next three months, and the fat diminishes. On top of that, research has shown that improvements can be seen for up to six months. You can maintain these results if you practice a balanced diet and exercise. 


Emsculpt is a two-in-one treatment that builds your muscle mass and reduces fat simultaneously. So if you are interested in the treatment, be sure to contact or book an appointment at our clinic, Amara Rejuve. We offer services and specials that address different body and wellness concerns  

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