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We now offer EuroThread Lifts at Amara Rejuve Medical Spa & Laser, and we know you’re going to be excited about this amazing skin rejuvenation option!

EuroThreads are dissolvable threads that are placed under the skin to lift areas on the face, neck, nose, cat eye and brows. Polydioxanone (PDO) is the same material used in surgical procedures for over 30 years. After the threads are inserted, the needle is withdrawn, leaving the threads under the skin.

The Euro Thread stimulates the production of collagen, giving the skin elasticity and diminishing lines and wrinkles. Over time, this improves the skin’s quality, texture, and volume, while also lifting lax areas and adding volume to them. The suture material gradually breaks down over a period of 6-8 months, however, the results last for up to a year and a half.  Results are immediate and improve over time after the procedure.



The EuroThread lift is a non-invasive procedure that tightens, smooths, and contours the face and neck by strategically positioning dissolvable threads beneath the skin. During the treatment, the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin is stimulated in the targeted treatment areas, which results in younger-looking firmness and suppleness.

Your results will depend on several factors. While some patients see results immediately, others observe them a week or more after the procedure. Swelling and redness can take up to five days to subside. Once they have, you should see your results.

Individuals looking to combat signs of aging or sagging in their skin would be ideal candidates for a EuroThread procedure. The procedure can be performed on both the face and body.

This varies among individuals, but the EuroThread Lift generally requires little to no downtime. Swelling, soreness, and minor bruising is common following the procedure.

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