UPNEEQ® temporarily improves droopy eyelids, and is an FDA-approved eye drop prescription, known to aid with the effects of blepharoptosis, and revitalizes tired-looking eyes.


Upneeq® also helps with ptosis, a medical condition that older men and women often get. Ptosis is the upper eyelid muscles stretching over time, the eyelids beginning to droop. Adults who suffer from ptosis may have had the upper lid muscles stretch and weaken due to cataract surgery, wearing contact lenses, or suffering from underlying medical conditions. In addition, false eyelash wearers may also experience ptosis. 


Acquired eyelid ptosis can be mild, moderate, or severe, and the sleepy-eyed effect becomes more obvious as the ptosis progresses.



UPNEEQ® stimulates the eyelid or Muller’s muscle to raise the upper eyelid. In as little as 15 minutes, UPNEEQ® gives you a bright-eyed and more youthful look. Clinical trials have proven the amount of upper eyelid life is 1 mm, plus 84% of patients who use UPNEEQ® notice a visible improvement. Clinical studies also prove an improvement in vision. In addition, the UPNEEQ® application is daily, and only one drop a day per eye. The medication comes in single-patient containers to ensure the proper dose. 

before and after UPNEEQ

Questions and Answers

About 1-5% of patients in the UPNEEQ® study experienced side effects like redness, dry eye, blurred vision, headache, and eye irritation. These resolve fairly quickly.

Unfortunately, there is no insurance coverage for UPNEEQ®, but it is available locally at Amara. 

Droopy eyelids can be congenital or caused by other underlying issues. UPNEEQ® will not work for you if you have congenital eyelid drooping. Visit your ophthalmologist to receive an eye exam to rule out adverse medical conditions. 


UPNEEQ® may cause eye irritation, redness, dry eye, headaches, redness in the lining, plus eye pain. However, these symptoms do resolve quickly.

Using UPNEEQ® may lead to rebound redness that also occurs with Visine or over-the-counter eye drops. Rebound redness is persistent, but it will disappear quickly.

You can use UPNEEQ® with other eye drops but wait about 15 minutes before using any other eye drops or inserting contact lenses

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