Say Goodbye To Skin Tags And More With Lamprobe!

Say Goodbye To Skin Tags And More With Lamprobe!

Do you suffer from the vexing problem of Skin Tags? These harmless little clumps of hanging skin are common, but despite their lack of danger, they can be both unsightly and annoying. Let’s be honest: even if you have beautiful, healthy skin, most people have at least one minor flaw they wish would disappear. Perhaps a Lamprobe treatment can help you if you are in this predicament. 

Why Do Skin Tags Happen?

Although the exact cause of skin tags remains a mystery, one theory holds that they develop due to collagen and blood vessel clusters becoming trapped within thicker layers of skin. Furthermore, skin-to-skin rubbing may be the primary culprit because they are more common in skin creases or folds. However, some people have a greater tendency to develop skin tags.

Pregnant women, obese people, and diabetics are more likely to develop skin tags than the general population. Pregnancy can also lead to a proliferation in the number of skin tags. In unusual instances, they have been connected to hyperinsulinemia, a condition in which an unusually high insulin level is circulating in the blood. 

If you are experiencing chronic skin tags, perhaps a Lamprobe treatment can help.

What Is Lamprobe Treatment?

The Lamprobe is a handheld instrument that resembles a pen and uses radio frequency energy to treat and remove minor skin imperfections. 

The treatment involves evaporating the moisture in the skin cells, which causes the cells to dry out and eventually shed off until the lesion is gone. In some instances, only one course of treatment is necessary, while in other cases, patients are urged to undergo a series of treatments. 

It’s efficient, gets the job done, and is not too uncomfortable!

How Does It Work?

The concept that underpins the treatment is relatively straightforward: the blood will, of its own accord, flow toward the heat sources emitted from the probe. The heat from the radio frequency causes the cells in the treatment area to instantly die and vaporize them, ensuring they will never return. The process clears dead skin cells, revealing healthier, younger skin and leaving no scarring!

Your provider will hold a small probe over the area causing you concern while administering treatment. These probe settings can be adjusted precisely for your skin, considering the condition you wish to treat and the type of skin you have. The probe is kept in contact with the treatment area for approximately three to five seconds to evaporate the moisture contained within the skin cells, 

In most cases, the duration of the entire treatment session is no longer than half an hour. Longer treatments may be required depending on the kind of lesion being removed and the amount of it being removed.

After receiving treatment, patients typically experience a relatively speedy recovery and can resume their normal activities. The treated area is expected to become red and tender after the procedure. You may be instructed to apply antibiotic ointment and wear Band-Aids until the affected area is healed and has faded.

How It Treats Skin Tags

Lamprobe is used by professionals in the skin care industry to hygienically and safely remove skin tags at their base in a non-invasive manner while maintaining the epidermal tissue surrounding the skin tag. This results in significantly less scarring than would be caused by other traditional treatment methods and causes minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Does The Procedure Hurt?

The client reports that the level of discomfort that they are experiencing is bearable, and the sensation that is produced feels very much like a tight pinch to the skin. It is also possible to treat sensitive, thin, and aging skin comfortably, and the intensity settings are simple to adjust. There is no requirement for anesthesia.

Other Skin Conditions Lamprobe Can Help Treat

Due to the Lamprobe’s adjustable settings, it can help treat several other skin conditions as well. Here are some skin conditions Lamprobe can help treat:

Cherry Angiomas

Do you have any tiny red dots on your breasts or stomach? Cherry angiomas are skin growths that are bright red and are sometimes referred to as senile angiomas. They are made up of numerous blood vessels grouped in small clusters. Cherry angiomas tend to bleed easily if they are scratched.

Cherry angiomas are rarely harmful, but they can be a reason for worry if they are particularly noticeable or frequently scratched. Lamprobe is a very comfy treatment method for these lesions, in contrast to other methods such as freezing, which can cause discomfort.

Spider Veins

Spider veins on the nose and face can be particularly unattractive. Spider veins are broken blood vessels near the surface of your skin that cannot heal and therefore leave an unsightly mark. They appear to be a small web-like vein mapping and can be pretty unappealing. By sealing and collapsing these tiny vessels, the Lamprobe treatment aids in their elimination!


You may have milia if you notice small white lumps on your face, particularly around your eyes or forehead. A buildup of dead skin cells, known as keratin, causes these whiteheads.

Most milia removal procedures aim to dissolve the dead skin cells that act as a shield around the pore. The dead skin cells are encased in this barrier, resulting in the hard, white bump. Lamprobe is such an effective milia treatment because it treats through this barrier to help dry the lesion, causing it to flake away over a few days simply.

Clogged Pores

Are you sick and tired of fighting a losing battle against deeply clogged pores and blackheads? It is possible to treat congested pores with Lamprobe even if other treatments, such as manual extractions, have not been successful.


Nobody wants to have skin tags, but fortunately for you, we can now address skin tags painlessly and efficiently through the Lamprobe treatment. Plus, it can also help treat other unwanted skin conditions as well! So if you are interested in a Lamprobe treatment, contact and reach out to our medical spa, Amara Rejuve Medical Spa & Laser. We also offer other services that can help address different skin concerns. 

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